xbox live not working status code 397d – 0000 – 0080 – 0300 – 8007 – 2751

Don’t you hate when XBox live doesn’t work? How about after a week! At first I figured XBox was just having a bad day, but after several days of not working it was time to call.  This error comes up after XBox Live tells you that there is an update and as it’s trying to download it fails.  After some searching the web there was really no answer.  Microsoft’s first answer was  your having network connectivity / configuration issues.  I then explained that I am a network Engineer and not only do I not have issues, but I confirmed all the details and he quickly saw OK this sounds like it’s configured properly.  A couple of  questions later I pulled the hard drive out with the same result which I was expecting.  40 minutes later we still can’t get things to work and wouldn’t you know it, the phone gets disconnected.  I wait a couple of minutes thinking they would call back, but no luck, so I call in go through some menu options and welcome to the we’re closed message.  So it’s back to square one when I call in tomorrow, hopefully I can get us all a real fix.

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