Why I’m Excited about Online Gaming with Xbox One

This morning, we announced a new beta program for Xbox 360 called Enforcement United, that lets Xbox Live members like you get involved to help make Xbox Live a more fun, fair and safer place for everyone to play. Xbox Live is the best online gaming experience and now we’re enabling every member to help us make it even better. We also unveiled Xbox Community Level, a website where Xbox Live members can earn rewards and recognition for participating in the Enforcement United beta and the long-standing Xbox Live Ambassadors program.

It’s a cool way for Xbox Live members to engage with their community, but it’s not the only element we’re bringing to the table. Here are a few core features for Xbox One, developed specifically with the Xbox Live community in mind, that make online gaming better:

1 – Xbox Live Multiplayer on Xbox One

You’ve told us that Xbox Live is the best service for online multiplayer gaming, and we’re continuing that tradition on Xbox One, where we’ve made the multiplayer experience the way we all want it: smart, quick and intuitive. What makes Xbox Live revolutionary on Xbox One? It’s the power. We’re investing in more than 300,000 servers to supercharge Xbox Live. With a wealth of new features and the stable service you need, Xbox Live on Xbox One offers you THE multiplayer experience to game with all of your friends.

2 – Better Matchmaking

Earlier this summer, I talked with Micheal Dunn, Program Manager on Xbox Live Services, about the new Xbox One matchmaking system called Smart Match. The key here is that you no longer have to sit and wait for a game to match you with other players. With Smart Match on Xbox One, I can put in my match request, then switch over and catch up on the posts on Xbox One or watch TV or a movie. When a match is found, Xbox One tells me so I can re-enter the game instantly. Smart Match also matches you with players like yourself, making your multiplayer gaming even more tailored to your game style.

3 – Enhanced Reputation and Enforcement

The Enforcement United program will complement Smart Match’s new reputation system on Xbox One. We’ve updated our proprietary algorithms for monitoring gaming behavior on Xbox Live, expanded scoring elements, engaged our enforcement team and created requirements for games to take reputation into account. The new reputation system is built on a model that accounts for how you behave and whether you positively or negatively affect others. As long as other players or the games you play are not negatively reporting you …read more

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