What are Hidetaka Miyazaki’s favorite FromSoftware games now that Elden Ring is finished? “Dark Souls and Bloodborne left a very big impression,” the president says

FromSoftware head Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed Bloodborne and Dark Souls “left a big impression on him” when asked about his personal favorite game from the studio.

Speaking to CNET recently, Miyazaki was asked about his personal favorite game across FromSoftware’s entire history. Yes, there are games that the Japanese studio made before Miyazaki joined, like the original King’s Field games, but it seems the question was more geared to get Miyazaki to pick one of his own games, or looking at it another way, his favorite child.

“First Dark Souls and Bloodborne,” Miyazaki begins. “Of course, I love them all. On a very personal level, I would say, first Dark Souls and Bloodborne left a very big impression on me. As a company, Elden Ring put us in a completely different league, so that was a huge milestone for the company,” the Elden Ring director and FromSoftware studio head continues.

“And if we expand it to all the FromSoftware games, including children not my own, I would say King’s Field 2,” Miyazaki adds. This is one of the games that Miyazaki has continually talked about over the years as loving even before he joined FromSoftware, and the game went on to heavily influence Demon’s Souls, the first game Miyazaki directed at FromSoftware.

That Bloodborne is among Miyazaki’s personal favorite games will be a small comfort to its ravenous fans. For the first time in literal years, Miyazaki has recently been quizzed about Bloodborne a number of times, saying earlier this year in February that he’s “very happy” so many people want a remake, and commenting again earlier this month that many FromSoftware devs want a Bloodborne PC port.

On a personal note, I’m a little surprised Miyazaki didn’t choose an Armored Core game – he’s on record as absolutely adoring the series, and being “extremely jealous” of those who got to work on Armored Core 6 at FromSoftware. When you’ve got riches to pick from like FromSoftware’s history, you can’t really go wrong.

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