TT Games Q&A: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

In “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,” take control of your favorite heroes as they unite to stop Loki and a host of other Marvel villains from destroying Earth. Check out the Xbox Wire interview below with Arthur Parsons, Game Director on “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” from legendary developer TT Games and stay tuned for more news and insights from other renown developers of the hottest and most anticipated games coming to Xbox.

What are you most excited about for developing on new generation hardware?

As a designer, a new generation of hardware allows us to add more to a game. Not in terms of making the games themselves significantly larger, but in terms of being able to up the depth of gameplay within given areas. We’ll be able to throw more diversity and gameplay at the player, whether that is in terms of more bad guys and more variation of bad guys, or whether that is in terms of more LEGO for the player to interact with; it also allows us more memory to throw more varied audio at the player.

Ultimately the new generation of hardware is going to allow us to immerse the player more than ever before into the amazing worlds that we create here at TT. So to answer the question more directly, as designers we are going to be able to flex our creative energies more than before, and we won’t have the same questions running through our heads as to whether we can or can’t pull off what we want to.

How will a new generation of hardware revolutionize the future of LEGO titles?

I think it is still far too early for us to say exactly what a new generation of hardware is going to do to revolutionize the “LEGO” titles. We constantly strive to evolve and move the series forward as it is regardless of new hardware, and each title brings its own unique qualities to the table. In this very early stage of the life of the new hardware we can already see the benefits as we’ve pushed harder than ever before on the Xbox 360, knowing that the XBOX One can do so much more, and this has benefited both versions of “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” We are drawing more characters and have really pushed the density of gameplay with this title, so it’ll be interesting to see how we move forward from here.

Who is your favorite character to control in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” and why?

With so many fabulous characters in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” it is very difficult to isolate a specific one. I think everybody loves running around smashing the place up as Hulk, and Iron Man is a delight to fly around as in LEGO Marvel New York. But I guess as a designer, Spider-Man is the most satisfying character to play as, because he was the most challenging character to get right. We spent a huge amount of time getting his movements nailed, and having seen kids and adults focus test …read more

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