What’s a ScreenHacker?

You may be asking yourself, what the hell is a Screenhacker… Well we have the explanation, it may be a little confusing to understand, but here it goes.

The screen shot on the right ( click on it for a BIG view ) has 4 players playing Halo3 on the same TV.  Player 1 and 3 are doing their thing, while player 2 is about to zoom in and kill player 1.  Player 4 decides to takes a look on the TV at what player 2 is looking at which is called screen hacking.  By seeing the cubby hole behind where player 2 is looking player 4 knows where player 2 is, sneaks up behind him and kills him.

Screen Hacking can be used to avoid a death as well. Lets say your looking for someone to kill and take a glance over at another players screen area and you notice that person is zoomed in on your head with a sniper rifle.  A quick joystick movement and you are out of that players view.

I can’t tell you how many times people were over at the house playing split screen and yelling SCREEN HACKER!  Lets call this a nice way of saying CHEATER!

Now you know what inspired us to start this web site.

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