Random: When They’re Not Terrorising Hyrule, Zelda: TOTK’s Moblins Are Certified Ballers

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Basketball
Image: Nintendo Life

After a year and a bit, we thought we had seen just about all of the weirdness that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom had to offer. But the glitches, wild builds and hidden secrets all pale in comparison to what we’re dubbing the ‘HBA’ (Hyrule Basketball Association) because, as it turns out, TOTK’s Moblin’s can ball (thanks, GamesRadar).

Okay, perhaps we’re stretching things a little bit here. There’s no secret location in Tears where you can catch four Moblins in a pick-up game or anything like that, but in the right environment, these beastly baddies will start putting up jumpers like they’re after a spot on the All-Star roster. And by “jumpers” we mean picking up their smaller Bokoblin buddies and yeeting them through an Ultrahand-built hoop.

This discovery was shared to Reddit by MRKDGAMING. We’d imagine that you have seen Bokoblins thrown like this before, though their target is usually at Link. In this instance, the creator has kept things sneaky by dressing Link in the Majora’s Mask headwear (rendering him invisible to these enemies) and creating a substitute target with the Zonai Homing Cart attached to the backboard.

Then it’s just a case of Ultrahanding a suitably-sized hoop and watching the Moblins cook. For added effect, MRKDGAMING even added a rolling scoreboard.

We wouldn’t expect to see either of these beasties in a three-point contest any time soon (we’re not sure that Bokoblins are a regulation projectile), but who knew these guys could hoop like that? Are they just shooters or do they have ball-handling skills too? What does this mean for LeBron’s Legacy? Turns out there are still plenty of unanswered TOTK questions out there…