PC-Canada Listings Reveal 14th Gen Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K & i5-14600K CPU Prices

PC-Canada’s online store has been updated with several pages of Intel 14th Gen Core/Raptor Lake Refresh processors—this is yet another example of an embargo busting mistake. Telemart Ukraine revealed a small total of six SKUs around late August, but pricing was not included on their placeholder product pages back then. Our friends in Canada have removed all relevant retail information from public view, but momomo_us and a handful of hardware news sites have preserved these details. We get another look at previously leaked model names in K and KF guises, with some “initial” pricing—subject to change by Team Blue decree—starting at $415.99 CAD for the Core i5-14600KF, and topping out with the Core i9-14900K at $833.99 CAD.

Analysis of these “early” prices reveals a slightly smaller than expected hike over charges for the previous generation. VideoCardz has eyeballed the numbers: “A quick comparison with the current pricing of the 13th Gen Core series reveals that these initial prices are surprisingly not as high as one might have anticipated, with an average increase of only 4% or a range of 2% to 7%.” Check out their diagram below. The Raptor Lake Refresh K and KF-series desktop lineup is expected to launch on October 17 (according to previous leaks)—Intel’s upcoming Innovation Event kicks off next week, where an official unveiling is set to take place.