Operation ISAC Recruits New Help in Transmission 06

Attention, Division Agents: Your efforts last week were valiant, but not enough to recover the XT47 supercomputer stolen by the Last Man Battalion. As long as it’s in LMB hands, they’ll be able to use it to track down ISAC and its resident Division tech, Simon Keyes – so to stop them, Simon recruits the help of a black-market vendor known only as “E.”

E’s help doesn’t come cheap, but lucky for you, you’ll only need to meet her demands for fabric – and also undertake the rest of this week’s Operation ISAC assignments, as detailed below:

  • • Kill 50 Rikers in the Dark Zone
  • • Collect 30 Fabric [ISAC.exe]
  • • Kill 10 Named NPCs
  • • Complete 10 Main Missions on Hard difficulty

Added to The Division as part of the Incursions update, Operation ISAC adds free weekly challenges for high-level players every Tuesday on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To keep tabs on the challenges, and the rewards for completing them, visit the official site. And for more on The Division, check out these stories:

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