NVIDIA Gives Away Ghostwire Tokyo and DOOM Eternal in Latest Bundle

NVIDIA on Tuesday unveiled the "Face Your Demons" game bundle with new purchases of qualifying GeForce RTX graphics cards. The bundle gives you "Ghostwire Tokyo" and "DOOM Eternal," including the latter’s two DLCs, "The Ancient Gods, Part One" and "The Ancient Gods, Part Two." Qualifying graphics cards include the RTX 3080 10 GB, RTX 3080 12 GB, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3090, and RTX 3090 Ti. The bundle is available in select regions, through participating retailers. NVIDIA add-in-card (AIC) partners will hand out vouchers with each purchase, which can be redeemed for the two games. Both Ghostwire Tokyo and DOOM Eternal support real-time ray tracing, and NVIDIA DLSS performance enhancement.