More Animal Crossing LEGO Sets Are Heading Our Way This August

LEGO Animal Crossing K.K. Slider
Image: LEGO / Nintendo

Hot off the back of the first collection, LEGO has today announced that it will be expanding its range of Animal Crossing sets with at least two new builds heading our way on 1st August.

Revealed in a rather adorable video of a K.K. Slider minifigure blasting his tunes (the vid very kindly points out the minifig “does not actually sing or move”), we get our first peek at a duo of sets which appear to be modelled on the New Horizons Town Hall and Dodo Airlines dock respectively.

Of course, new sets bring with them new minifigures, and from the brief snap that we see at the end of the announcement video, it looks like K.K. Slider, Tangy, Wilbur and more will be making their way into the brick-based world this summer. Our poor, poor wallets…

We don’t have any indication of how expensive either of these sets will be at the moment, but based on the previous releases in the Animal Crossing range, we’d suggest you start saving your Bells now.

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