Logitech’s “Own The 8-Count” starring JaQuel Knight Wins Jury Award for Best Short Film at Essence Film Festival – logi BLOG

We are pleased to announce that “Own The 8-Count”, a short film produced by Westbrook Media, JK Creatives, and Logitech, has won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Essence Film Festival. 

This film highlight’s JaQuel Knight’s fight for equity in the dance community but also champions creators of color and their right for proper credit and ownership of their creations. The film will next be screened at the renowned Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival this August as well as a number of other Fall festivals. 

More information about the film and Logitech’s partnership with JaQuel can be found below:

We all remember Beyoncé’s iconic music video for “Single Ladies”. But how many of us knew that it was a brilliant eighteen-year-old choreographer named JaQuel Knight who was the creator of those iconic dance moves?

Logitech’s partnership with JaQuel Knight began in 2021 as part of the Logitech for Creators #CREATORS4BIPOC initiative. This initiative aimed to empower ten BIPOC creators by helping them secure copyright for their choreography, paving the way for these artists to fully own and monetize their creative endeavors. JaQuel was also a key launch partner in LFC’s Together We Create brand campaign, further solidifying their dedication to supporting diverse creators and their artistic vision.

Throughout the partnership, JaQuel Knight and Logitech have focused on the importance of recognizing and respecting the contributions of all creators, regardless of their background.

By championing these creators and advocating for creator rights to be universally recognized, we are helping to build a more inclusive and equitable future.

“Own The 8 Count” recounts JaQuel’s inspiring journey to become one of the world’s most successful choreographers and his fight in breaking barriers to become the first commercial choreographer to own their copyright (for his choreography in “Single Ladies”) while setting the stage for other choreographers and creators to do the same. The film goes beyond personal narratives, providing a much-needed voice to the modern-day piracy that plagues the BIPOC creators community.

In a world where recognition often depends on the number of followers rather than the authenticity of creativity, “Own The 8 Count” unveils the highs and lows of creating viral dances. With support from legendary choreographers like Debbie Allen, Galen Hooks, and Brian Friedman, along with numerous dance creators, we get unique perspectives on navigating rightful credit and ownership in an ever-changing landscape.

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