Legendary Overclocker KINGPIN Leaves EVGA and Joins PNY to Develop Next-Generation GPUs for Extreme OC

Legendary overclocker Vince Lucido, aka KINGPIN, has reportedly partnered with PNY to develop next-generation GPUs for extreme overclocking. KINGPIN, known for his unparalleled expertise in pushing hardware to its limits, revealed the partnership during a recent interview with Gamers Nexus at Computex 2024. The move comes as welcome news to enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting KINGPIN’s next venture since EVGA’s departure left a noticeable gap in the high-end GPU segment. Previously, he was the leading engineer of EVGA’s high-end KINGPIN designs aimed at pushing the GPU to its limits. However, since EVGA decided to leave the GPU business, KINGPIN was looking for a new company to work on the next-generation GPU designs.

This time, the company of choice for KINGPIN is now PNY. While he has been in contact with many companies like GALAX and ASUS, he claims that it would be very crowded to work there as there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” with these companies already having in-house overclockers. He has also been talking with MSI, but the company wasn’t interested in making GPUs for extreme overclocking. However, PNY has been very interested in shaking up the high-end GPU market. KINGPIN claims that there is a massive hole in the high-end GPU market, and he hopes to fill it with a collaboration with PNY. Next-generation GPU designs assisted by KINGPIN will reportedly arrive for the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series of GPUs when we hope to see the legacy EVGA left to continue at PNY.

Below, you can see the full video interview by Gamers Nexus.