How to take a screenshot in Halo3

One of the great features in Halo 3 is the ability to capture video from your game or even take a screenshot of your favorite scene. We’ll talk about capturing a screenshot here.
First you need to enter the theatre option from the main menu. At that point you are have entered the theatre lobby and should be able to click on “start film” in order to start watching the latest game you played. You will be able to press the start button at any time to see the controls within the playback of the film. While watching the film you can hit the Y button in order to detach the camera from the player, and you can fly the camera around at any angle height etc. When you finally find that awesome shot, you simply press X and look at the pop up menu. On the left side of the options you will see picture, click X and it will automatically take the screen shot and upload it to It does give you the option to also name the screenshot if you like, or simply click the automatic name and upload option and your done!


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