How to complete the Diablo 4 Shifting City dungeon

The Diablo 4 Shifting City dungeon can be difficult to track down, as it doesn’t actually appear on your map to begin with. To reveal it, you’ll first have to fight your way into the area and clear a high-level stronghold, which also opens up a handy waypoint in Diablo 4 and provides some regional Renown progress at the same time. If you’re struggling to locate this particular dungeon, then here’s how to find the Shifting City in Diablo 4 and a walkthrough for completing it.

Where is the Shifting City dungeon in Diablo 4?

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As you can see on the map above, the Diablo 4 Shifting City dungeon can be found on the south side of the Dry Steppes region, within the Qara-Yisu area which is directly north of Zarbinzet in Hawezar. However, it won’t appear there immediately, as you first need to enter that area from the southwest and clear The Ruins of Qara-Yisu stronghold. This involves destroying three Infernal Spires, before heading to the mine area and slaying Utulku, The Voice Below boss, then rekindling the Wanderer’s Shrine to conquer Qara-Yisu. You’ll now see the dungeon icon for Shifting City at the north end of this area.

Diablo 4 Shifting City walkthrough

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After entering the Diablo 4 Shifting City dungeon, your first objective is to find the two Ancients Statues and return them to the Pedestals. The first statue is on the ground near the entrance, so grab that and take it with you then fight through the monsters until you reach the central area with the Pedestals. Note that you can only carry one statue at a time, so deposit that on one of the Pedestals then continue east via either route until you find the other Ancients Statue at the far end of the dungeon. Bring that back and place it on the other Pedestal to unseal the door so you can move on.

Diablo 4 Shifting City collecting Animus

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In the next area, you need to collect Animus from Animus Carriers by slaying Elite enemies and the walking through the glowing orbs they drop. Once you’ve filled up the objective bar, head to the north end of this area and interact with the Animus Urn to deposit Animus and unseal the door to the dungeon boss.

Diablo 4 Shifting City Tomb Lord boss

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The Tomb Lord is the final boss in the Shifting City dungeon, though they’re not too difficult to defeat as long as you keep moving to avoid their AoE attacks. The other thing to watch out for is the Bone Wall they summon around you, as this can explode and deal significant damage if you’re close, so either blast your way out or use an ability that quickly switches your position. Once defeated, you can get your rewards then teleport out of the dungeon to continue your adventure.

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