gamescom: Multiplayer and In-Depth Combat Revealed for Ryse: Son of Rome

At gamescom today, Microsoft Studios and Crytek debuted Gladiator mode, the cooperative multiplayer experience in “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and offered an in-depth look at a myriad of never-before-seen features and refinements to the game’s combat system.

First Look at “Ryse: Son of Rome” Multiplayer

In Rome, the Coliseum was the heart and soul of the city; in “Ryse: Son of Rome,” it becomes the stage where you’ll forge your path to glory as a fearless gladiator. Take to the sands cooperatively with your friends and do battle against an ever-changing horde of enemies.

According to Crytek, key features of the multiplayer experience include:

Be Your Own Hero. “Ryse” offers a large variety of armor, weapons, shields, and consumables to customize your own unique gladiator. These items are earned through gold rewarded from victories in combat and impact your stats by improving your focus, XP, crowd reaction, and health. Consumables are elixirs that have a temporary effect, such as improving health or allowing instant kills.

Dynamic Tile Sets. Inspired by the movable floor pieces used to re-create historic battles in the ancient Colosseum, “Ryse” uses dynamic “tile sets” of scenery to provide a continuous stream of unpredictable challenges. Scenery hidden in the hypogeum literally erupts from the floor, providing players with settings ranging from strongholds, to ruins, to naval battles.

Custom Challenges and Arenas. “Ryse” allows you to create your own experiences by using the challenge editor to mix and match the maps and events into custom playlists. Each challenge has its own leaderboard and the more players who have played, the higher the reward at the end of the challenge.

“Ryse” will feature 11 multiplayer maps at launch, plus an additional bonus map for those who purchase the Day One edition of the game. At gamescom, Crytek showcased the following:

Courtyard is an open environment highlighting the dynamic nature of the Colosseum. With each wave new dangers are introduced to the Arena, from flaming pits, to deadly traps, to automated catapults.

Stronghold shows off the ability to completely change the environment, re-creating a battle between Roman forces and the barbarian hordes in the distant pagan lands of Germania.

More Details about the Combat System

Alongside the first look at multiplayer, Crytek revealed more details about the combat system in “Ryse: Son of Rome” in a behind-the-scenes ViDoc. “Ryse” features a deep, multi-layered combat system that arms the player …read more

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