Estimated File Sizes For Donkey Kong Country Returns HD And Mario & Luigi: Brothership Revealed

DK / Mario
Image: Nintendo Life

Pre-orders for Donkey Kong Country Returns HD and Mario & Luigi: Brothership have gone live via the Japanese eShop, confirming the estimated file sizes for each game.

Donkey Country Country Returns is coming in at 9.0GB, while Mario & Luigi: Brothership is slightly larger at 10.0GB. We’re admittedly slightly surprised at the size of the former since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was considerably smaller in size at 6.6GB.

With Mario & Luigi, however, the closest comparisons we have would be Super Mario RPG at 6.5GB and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door at 5.0GB.

We also have confirmed dates for both games after their reveal at the latest Nintendo Direct. Mario & Luigi: Brothership will land on 7th November 2024, while Donkey Kong Country Returns HD is bringing in the new year with its release on 16th January 2025. The former is a brand new entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise, while the latter is another re-release for the Retro Studios-developed platformer. It originally launched on the Wii in 2007 before receiving a port for the 3DS in 2013.

Forever Entertainment is leading development on Donkey Kong, however, it is not currently known which studio is handling Mario & Luigi: Brothership. Nintendo recently confirmed that some of the original developers of the franchise are involved, but stopped short of confirming the specific team.