ESR Levels Up AirPod Protection with the Revolutionary Cyber FlickLock Case

ESR, the leading brand for mobile accessories and the #1 brand for MagSafe accessories, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation: the Cyber FlickLock Case for AirPods. This new product sets a benchmark in AirPod protection, combining ESR’s exclusive FlickLock safety lock design with advanced features that enhance both security and usability.

Unmatched Security with FlickLock Lock System

The Cyber FlickLock case showcases ESR’s new proprietary FlickLock safety lock, ensuring your AirPods always remain secure. The case lid is designed with a total of 7 strong magnets on the upper and lower sides, providing a powerful magnetic strength of 1480 g. The entire body is crafted from resilient TPU + PC materials, fortified with Air Guard corners that offer dual-layer shock absorption. This design provides robust drop-proof protection, safeguarding your AirPods from everyday impacts.

Effortless Single-Hand Access
Accessing your earbuds has never been easier. The Cyber FlickLock case features an automatic magnetic opening mechanism enabled by the staggered alignment of magnets, allowing you to simply slide and pop open the lid with one hand. ESR’s rigorous testing guarantees durability, withstanding over 20,000 uses, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Advanced MagSafe Compatibility

Experience the convenience of fast, efficient wireless charging with the built-in magnets on the back of the Cyber FlickLock case. With an extra magnet and a sleeker back case, it can be charged via the Apple Watch charging module as well as the iPhone and AirPods charging modules.

Ultimate Portability and Usability

Designed for users on the go, the Cyber FlickLock case includes a clip that allows you to attach it anywhere, keeping your AirPods secure and easily accessible. Pairing your AirPods is even easier, just press the easy-press button at the back of the case, and they’ll connect as quickly as uncased AirPods. It also includes an accessory kit with a cleaning brush, designed for easy use and maintenance.

ESR’s Cyber FlickLock case isn’t your average accessory, it’s a leap forward in AirPod protection. Combining rugged durability, user-friendly design, and advanced charging capabilities, this case will be the top choice for AirPod users seeking superior protection and convenience. In addition to the Cyber FlickLock case, ESR also offers a sleek and stylish alternative, the Pulse FlickLock case, which features the same upgraded FlickLock safety lock but comes in a streamlined design and vibrant color options.