Calling time on internet trolls – why we need to put the rage to bed

It’s no longer enough just to wait for it to fizzle out.

People who play and discuss videogames online are among the luckiest beings ever to tread this Earth. Being able to play and discuss videogames implies a number of things, after all – that you have access to a steady power supply, unfiltered (well, relatively) internet, a disposable income and the time to make use of all the foregoing. You’re also likely to own a fridge, glass windows and a sofa, which is all basically magic by the standards of the average 14th century Anglo-Saxon serf. Why, then, do so many people who play and talk about videogames online spend quite so much time making themselves and other people miserable? And is there anything the rest of us can do about it, besides looking on in bafflement?

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