Apple: iPad Sales and Profit Drop in Q3

Today during its Q3 2013 earnings report, Apple announced it had generated $6.9 billion in profit from roughly $35.3 billion in quarterly revenue. Despite marking a slight increase in revenue over the quarter prior, profit dropped approximately 21%. Despite a significant jump in iPhone sales — 31.2 million as compared to 26 million in Q3 2012 — Apple saw a drop in iPad sales. Last year, the company sold roughly 17 million iPads in Q3, whereas this quarter saw only 14.6 million iPads sold. Macs also saw a slight dip, accounting for 3.8 million units compared to 4 million last year.

Of course, these are not paltry sums and the company is clearly still in good health, but the results are in stark contrast of April’s Q2 earnings, which saw substantial quarterly growth in iPad sales and $9.5 billion in profit.

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