Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Obsession or Obligation?

I have an Animal Crossing problem. I mean that both in the sense that I have a problem with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has become a problem.

The latter point is something I feared, and it’s why I resisted the 3DS game for so long. I worried that, as I had with previous Animal Crossings, I’d fall into a desperate routine of improving my town and ignoring everything else. I’d base my weekend plans around in-game festivals and spend my lunch breaks hanging out with needy, friendly animal-people. It’s happening again.

New Leaf occupies my entire morning. Every day, I spend my morning commute collecting fossils, plucking pears from trees, fishing in the ocean, and smashing rocks. I enjoy it. The soothing music is relaxing. Animal Crossing is so laid-back it’s hard to feel anything other than a state of complete zen while making my morning money. My museum is starting to get really impressive. My expanded home is almost paid off. My first public works project is nearly complete. I’ve enacted the Night Owl ordnance, opened up new shops, and I have three new villagers who I find endearing.

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