AMD Ryzen AI 300 Pro Series Could be Equipped with up to 128 GB of Memory

According to the leaked listing posted on X by user @Orlak29_, reports suggest that Pro versions of the AMD Ryzen 7 AI and Ryzen 9 AI are in the pipeline, with a potential game-changer in the form of the high-end “Strix Point Halo” model. The standout feature of the Strix Point Halo is its rumored support for up to 128 GB of RAM, a significant leap from AMD’s current offerings. This massive memory capacity could prove valuable for AI workloads and data-intensive applications, potentially positioning AMD better against offerings from Intel and Qualcomm. Leaked diagrams hint at a unique design for the Strix Point Halo, featuring a chiplet layout reminiscent of a graphics card. The processor is reportedly surrounded by memory on three sides, enabling the massive 128 GB capacity.

While this top-tier model is expected to carry a premium price, it could find a ready market among professionals and enthusiasts demanding both raw processing power and extensive memory resources. On the performance front, rumors suggest the Strix Point Halo will boast up to 16 Zen 5 cores and a GPU with 40 Compute Units based on RDNA 3.5 architecture. This combination might rival the performance of high-end mobile GPUs like the RTX 4060 or even the RTX 4070 for laptops.

As with previous generations, AMD is expected to release Pro versions of these processors with additional features like ECC memory support.