AMD is Investigating a Potential 450 Gb Data Breach

RansomHouse, a newly established group aimed at monetizing stolen data, claims to own more than 450 Gb of data coming from AMD. The RansomHouse group is structured as the middleman and makes sure that hackers and victims negotiate to get the funds to hackers and data back to victims. It is claimed that the leaked AMD data contains network files, system information, and AMD passwords. This could be a very dangerous data breach, as inter-company passwords are used to access confidential files and personal information. The group notes that they own 450 Gb or gigabits of data, which translates into 56.25 GB or gigabytes of stolen data. We are not yet sure if the Gb notation is misspelled. It is claimed that AMD’s poor security practices like using “password” passwords lead to the data breach, and no special ransomware software was used.

Tom’s Hardware reached out to AMD for a statement, and got the following response:

AMD Representative for Tom’s HardwareAMD is aware of a bad actor claiming to be in possession of stolen data from AMD. An investigation is currently underway.