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The PlayStation Blog crew flew down to Los Angeles, CA to attend Summer Game Fest Play Days and go hands-on (and off) with a variety of upcoming PS5 games. From titles both big and small, launching soon or further in the future, here are 11 exciting games we checked out at Summer Game Fest.

Kunitsu-Gami | Coming July 19

Part action game, part resource-management strategy, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess was one of the most unique games I played over the SGF weekend. Your goal in each standalone level is to purify a path for the titular goddess. As you cleanse infected areas and free villagers from their poisoned prisons, you gain points to spend during the daytime cycle. These points are used to assign villagers offensive and defensive roles, as well to carve the purified path for the goddess to traverse before night comes.

Once the sun sets, demons burst from the edge of the level and make their way toward the goddess. You’re free to battle enemies directly, or place your villager units where you like to create a powerful defense against the onslaught of foes. Survive the night, and you can resume charting that path to the end of the level, eventually purifying the gate and moving to the next area.

A closer look at 12 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

It’s a compelling, simple premise – escort this goddess to the end of the level – but between the striking visual style and the nail-biting gameplay, there seems to be plenty of room for depth here. Definitely looking forward to playing more and seeing how these battles develop.

-Brett Elston

Publisher: Capcom  | Developer: Capcom | PS5, PS4

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero | Coming Oct 11

A closer look at 12 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

With over 15 years since the release of the last Dragon Ball game in the Budokai series and over 160 characters spanning the entire franchise, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero has a lot of material to pull from. The game’s 3v3 format lets you swap between fighters throughout the match, and the combat repertoire includes all the man staples like chasing opponents, teleporting, and unleashing devastating special attacks.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is a visual stunner, too. The warrior’s clothes progressively become more tattered after landing big hits and combos, grass and clouds swirl while charging up Ki, and each transformation feels unique in its own way. Especially Saiyan transformations, which are their own mini spectacles.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment | Developer: Spike Chunsoft | PS5

Assassin’s Creed Shadows | Coming November 15

I’ve taken a leap of faith on the Assassin’s Creed series for nearly 15 years, enjoying how the series evolves and innovates much like the civilizations and cultures it spotlights with each iteration. The Feudal Japan-focused Assassin’s Creed Shadows continues that promise, with a hands-off gameplay presentation showing the dynamic ways the dual protagonists fight for hope during a time of political turmoil. Traditionally stealthy shinobi Naoe strikes from the shadows, swinging from a grappling hook, destroying light sources, and even sneaking through shallow water using a bamboo reed to breathe in order to surprise her quarry. 

A more brutal approach can be taken by the historical samurai Yasuke, who catches the eye and awe of both villagers and enemies with his comparatively massive stature and aggressively bombastic fighting style. He moves through combat with heavy brute force, juxtaposing against his calm and honorable nature. Their complimentary play styles offer choice withinin the midst of a changing world, and left me excited to see their alliance play out. 

-Kristen Zitani

Publisher: Ubisoft | Developer: Ubisoft Quebec | PS5

Neva | Coming 2024

A closer look at 12 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

 Occasionally, people will question whether video games are art, and even though the answer is a resounding yes, there will still be games that so beautifully embody that concept that they leave you in awe. Neva, like its predecessor Gris, is that type of game. With beautiful artwork and fluid animation, it feels like you’re truly gliding through the environment with your animal companion. 

Combat elevates this title, combined with a musical score that completely captures the mood from moment to moment. In my short time with the game, I was able to experience a wide range of emotions, such as joy, panic, and somber reflection. If art is supposed to make you feel, then Neva is bound to bring players on a ride. 

-O’Dell Harmon Jr.

Publisher: Devolver Digital | Developer: Nomada Studio | PS5

Phantom Blade Zero | In development for PS5

When I first saw the dizzyingly impressive Phantom Blade Zero trailer in the 2023 Showcase, I thought, “how can the actual game look and move like that?” The animations and combat flourishes were so stylish and cool that surely there was some kind of catch.

But after playing a few levels and fighting a few bosses, I can say it does in fact look and move that beautifully. The team was inspired by Wuxia and Kung Fu, leading to flowing, dramatic poses and a powerful sense of a struggle between two evenly-matched opponents. Even smaller enemy encounters feel elegant as Soul leaps around the battlefield to close the distance between opponents.

Blocking and parrying allow players of all skill levels to leap in and start fighting. While you can simply hold down L1 to block all incoming attacks (each with a sharply animated deflection, not just a static “blocking” stance), you can also parry or dodge these attacks for devastating counterattacks.

Phantom Blade Zero walks an interesting line between character-action titles and Soulslikes, so as a fan of both, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

-Brett Elston

Publisher: S-Game | Developer: S-Game | PS5

Unknown 9: Awakening | Coming Fall 2024 

A closer look at 12 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

Sharing the same world as the popular book trilogy, podcast, and comic series, Unknown 9: Awakening expands the universe through the story of the game’s protagonist Haroona. In a hands-off demo, I experienced the core gameplay loop of active stealth, combat, and an ability to possess nearby enemies, known as Steeping. Almost every engagement could be approached from one or a mix of these options, meaning you can go from being stuck and an all-out brawl to stepping between enemies and sabotaging equipment to turning invisible and slipping out in mass confusion and everything in between. With a minimal UI and engaging action, it’s a title worth keeping track of for those looking for a fun adventure game. 

-O’Dell Harmon Jr.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment | Developer: Reflector Entertainment  | PS5, PS4

Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Coming Fall 2024 

BioWare have lifted the veil on the first hour of gameplay in the long-anticipated return to Thedas. From the character creation system (test out skin tone against different lighting!) to combat style (pause and play strategy or real-time fluid attacks), players are encouraged to be and fight however they choose. A new resource meter specific to each class (warrior, rogue, mage) builds up momentum in battle to unlock greater attacks. The Frostbite engine renders the magic-infused city of Minrathous in startling detail and scale. Magic weaves through the city like electricity, while ancient Elven statues tower over the shadowy landscape.

Companions have always been a core part of the BioWare RPG experience, but Veilguard aims to push this to a new level, with lengthy narrative arcs, and unique combat combos that bring a chosen team together like never before. This early chapter of the game in many ways played out like the lead-up to a final boss and gave us a peek at tragic hero-turned-villain Solas and the possible evil yet to be unleashed in his attempt to rip down the Veil. If the first hour of this story is any indication, Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be an adventure well worth the wait.

-Kristen Zitani

Publisher: EA | Developer: BioWare | PS5

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree | Coming June 21

I had just 30 minutes with this immense DLC, so definitely check out this earlier hands-on report for fully-formed thoughts on this anticipated update to 2022’s base game. I can say that, even as someone who Platinum’d Elden Ring, the new weapons, enemies, and vistas of this DLC stopped me in my tracks.

Each enemy was a fresh learning experience, and each mini-boss and eventual main boss I fought was a whole new challenge that felt like playing the game for the first time.What’s that weird tree over there… can I make it over to that mountain… is that big wicker inferno walking toward me? Constant emergent stuff happening, always pulling you deeper into the map. This one’s at the top of my June list for sure.

-Brett Elston

Publisher: FromSoftware | Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment | PS5, PS4

Sonic X Shadow Generations | Coming Oct 25

The Year of Shadow is looking good with what I saw from the remastered Generations title, which includes a new remixed version of Space Colony Ark and a thrilling take on the Biolizard boss battle. Shadow is known as the ultimate lifeform, and his new Doom abilities make you feel like it while playing. Shadow’signature Chaos Control ability lets players freeze time and speed past or destroy enemies Shadow’s time-manipulation abilities can also be used to navigate tricky platforming sections. Even while fighting the Biolizard, I was able to throw spears of light to deflect attacks and perform powerful melee combos. Along with great visuals and music, it’s truly the black hedgehog’s time to shine. 

-O’Dell Harmon Jr.

Publisher: Sega | Developer: Sonic Team | PS5, PS4

Path of Exile 2 | Early Access coming 2024 

Path of Exile 2’s demo immediately throws players into the mud and muck of its free-to-play cursed world, giving you the tools and choice of skills to channel your violence against its darkest creatures. I selected the Ranger class for my playthrough, wielding long-range arrows boosted by ice and lightning Skill Gem attacks to keep the vile imps and bugs at bay. I got a taste for the larger challenges to come after encountering a burrowing, acid-spewing horror called the Devourer that put my strategy to the test. 

-Kristen Zitani

Publisher: Grinding Gear Games | Developer:Grinding Gear Games | PS5

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 | Begins June 26

A closer look at 12 PS5 titles from Summer Game Fest 2024

The Season 2 roster kicks off later this month with longtime villain M. Bison, followed later by SFIII and IV alum Elena, plus SNK crossover fighters Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui.

Players familiar with Bison’s classic moves will instantly feel at home, as his Scissor Kick, Psycho Crusher, and Head Stomp all return. But new for SF6 is a grab attack that plants an explosive energy ball within his opponent that eventually detonates. If you land certain special moves while that bomb is implanted, you get a special finisher that adds some hits and damage to your attack. SFV players will also notice Bison’s walk speed is much faster this time around.

SFV players may also wonder, “Hey, didn’t Bison die?” Yes! But now he’s back, amnesiac, and atop a stunning steed, so we’ll just have to see how this all plays out over Season 2.

-Brett Elston

Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom | PS5, PS4

The Plucky Squire | Coming 2024

My short time with The Plucky Squire reminds me of why I got into gaming to begin with. It’s a charming platformer that oozes personality and creativity. Switching between a 2D and 3D world is an impressive mechanic in trailers, and it works well on the controller. The world of the desk was as expansive as any good 3D platformer, with many 2D surfaces to hop in and interact with. Another surprise was how the game pays homage to many other genres, like side-scrolling shooters. The Plucky Squire reminds me of a time when almost every game I played was filled with charming new experiences, and I can’t wait to dive back in later this year. 

-O’Dell Harmon Jr.

Publisher: Devolver Digital | Developer: All Possible Futures | PS5

Keep an eye out for all these and more cool titles featured at Summer Game Fest coming to PlayStation.