25 Things You Might Have Missed In The Zelda: Echoes Of Wisdom Reveal Trailer

Fortunately, after a much-needed rest and many (many) rewatches, we are starting to build up a better idea of what this one is all about. Bursting with excitement for what this new 2D adventure might hold, we have put together the following list of things you might have missed in the Echoes of Wisdom reveal trailer.

Our picks range from the pretty obvious to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them and we’re sure there will be a couple more that we have missed in between. Have a look through our selection of potentially missable moments and then head to the comments to leave any others that you spotted.

Oh, and if you somehow missed the entire reveal trailer (or if you just want to watch it for the 304th time – no judgement from us) you’ll find it at the bottom of the page.

Things You Might Have Missed In The Zelda: Echoes Of Wisdom Trailer

A Suspicious Sword

Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Details
Image: Nintendo

Right from the jump we have questions about Link’s sword. That hilt doesn’t look very Master Sword-y, does it? The blue is lighter than any other we’ve seen before (unless you count something like the three-element White Sword from The Minish Cap, which we’re fairly confident won’t pop up here) and the shape isn’t quite as ‘winged’ as normal. Hmm.

Are we looking at a brand-new blade here? Is this just what the Master Sword looks like in the Link’s Awakening-style art style? Are we reading too much into this considering Link gets knocked off five seconds later?

Zelda’s all Crystal-y (Again)

Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Details
Image: Nintendo

Oh, Princess Zelda and her ‘trapped inside a crystal’ shtick, eh? What’s she like!

We’ve previously seen the Hylian monarch locked inside a similar crystalline cage in Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and Four Swords Adventures. Don’t worry, she tends to make it out.

Old-School Ganon

Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Details
Image: Nintendo

This big old pig Ganon appears very similar to the designs found in A Link to the Past / Between Worlds and the Oracle Games. We’d be leaning towards the ‘Fallen Hero’ timeline, in this instance, though Four Swords Adventure also has a boar baddy, so we wouldn’t rule out the ‘Triumphant – Child’ timeline eithe— you know what, let’s save the timeline chatter for another day.

Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Details
Image: Nintendo

Much like Tears of the Kingdom, it looks like the Link we find at the start of Echoes of Wisdom (assuming his downfall comes at the start) is a fully-powered hero. He has the Hylian Shield, a bow, and the ability to jump (which usually requires the Roc’s Feather/Cape in the top-down games) in his battle with Ganon before slipping through the cracks.

What is this? Metroid?

Floating Islands in the Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm, Dark World, call it what you want, but there are weird things afoot in the purple cracks that have spread across Hyrule. Peering into this other dimension in one shot shows islands floating in the distance. Another shot appears to show Princess Zelda in this alternate world picking up Echoes.

It wouldn’t really be a Zelda game without some dimension-hopping, would it?

New Fast-Travel Points?

The game reveal shows these weird little statues cropping up everywhere. There’s one on the lower right island in the first shot of the overworld (right outside the Pond of Happiness in A Link to the Past, if we follow the theory that it’s the same map) and then they can also be spotted in towns and other points of interest. They even show up on the minimap and give off a faint yellow glow when Zelda walks near them.

We’d guess that these are fast travel or save points — they are certainly in the right spots — but perhaps they have some other meaning.